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Ghost Calls for Lawyers


On average, law firms are losing 20% of the cases that should be theirs at Intake!

  • Do you know what’s happening when your Intake Staff answer incoming calls – or how they truly handle your online inquiries?
  • Are you certain that your Intake Staff are executing every call correctly?
  • Are you losing new cases because your Intake Department has a less than stellar execution?
  • Are you holding your Intake Department accountable for how they handle new leads?
  • Do you have a systematic means of checking and verifying your Intake Staff’s performance?
  • Are you losing new cases because your Intake Department has a less than stellar execution?

Unless you can answer "yes" to all of these questions, YOU ARE PROBABLY LOSING VALUABLE CASES AND DON'T EVEN KNOW IT! That's where Ghost Calls can help!

What is a Ghost Call?

A ghost call is a recorded call made by someone pretending to be a potential client-who asks questions and raises objections, just as an actual client would.  The purpose is to test your intake staff, to determine if they are responding to calls in a way that helps you convert Intake Calls to Clients.

Let’s face it, YOU have skin in the game and your intake staff does not.  Even if they are great employees with true commitment to your law firm and even when you have painstakingly trained them, that does NOT mean that your vision is a consistent reality.  Your intake process requires continual oversight….but if you are a busy law firm owner, this oversight is understandably and easily missed.

The Myth:

Most lawyers tell me they sign up EVERY case they want….even though they can’t talk to every new prospect that contacts their office.  

The truth is that NO law firm signs up every case they want!  How do I know this?

First, I built and later sold two 7-figure law firms-and along the way, I learned how crucial a strong Intake Department is for Law Firm Growth…and how quickly even the best Intake Team can drop the ball without systematic oversight.  

For the past 10 years, I’ve worked as a Law Fir Growth Consultant with over a hundred law firms from across the country.  My job was to review the firm’s marketing and management and determine what steps they needed to take to increase their growth and profits.  As part of my analysis, I conducted five “ghost calls” to determine how reliable their Intake Department was.

In 10 years, not one firm’s staff got all 5 calls right!  The best any law firm scored was 4 out of 5 intake calls, but the majority of law firms only averaged 3 out of 5 positive calls.

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